Both chocolate chip cookies and blueberry cake came out nicely done in about the same amount of time as if I’d baked them in a conventional oven. Under the Cook function, there are selections for many common foods, and the panel guides you through the cooking process. On the Brava website, the only place the oven’s currently sold, the Brava has a 4.5-rating out 5, with 105 reviews. Grilled cheese, quesadillas, s’mores; kids love to press the green button. Surprisingly, several cooks say they make ghee or clarified butter in the oven. intended to be connected to a 110V-120V 60Hz circuit. However, I was only able to make a half dozen cookies at a time, while in a full-size oven I could’ve baked at least a dozen, and double that if I used two racks. Other programs, like Bake and Dehydrate, only give temperature and time options and more limited tips. After a month of testing, I found most of the gunk inside the oven could be wiped out with a damp paper towel. makes no representations or warranties as to the completeness or accuracy of the information. Most of your time with this oven will be spent on this function. Brava isn’t alone in the mission to make the domestic do-it-all oven. In both cases, the vegetables came out extremely tender-crisp and I added minutes to the preprogrammed time to make them a little more to my liking. Oddly, there’s no window in the door—rather, there’s a camera in the roof of the Brava that displays what’s inside the oven. Down payment may be required. Traditional broilers only heat from the top, but Brava’s Sear function heats from the top and bottom to give maximum control and flexibility. chamber cook streaming, Grease Brava suggests hand washing the trays, and I found them easy to clean. Brava monitors the internal temp for a perfect cook, so your food comes out in a fraction of the time and already has a perfect sear. As suggested by Brava’s chef, I also cooked two-inch thick strip steaks and was super impressed with how well they browned on both sides while the centers stayed medium rare. Takes a long time to heat up and requires a lot of attention and technique to avoid over/under cooking or burning. 4.7 out of 5 stars 296. If you’re willing to run the oven that long for a small bowlful of dried fruits or vegetables, you’ll be happy with the results. and heat resistant optics, 90dB According to a trademark filing uncovered by The Spoon, the company is working on smart oven that has a number of interesting features: “Digital thermostat that automatically sets cooking conditions based on packaged food cooking instructions.” The Brava oven will have auto-programmed cooking routines based on the oven reading packaged food. First, I roasted baby broccoli and made Brava’s Bacon & Brussels Sprouts. For the most part, the oven’s panel is very intuitive to use. If you want to set your own temperature and time, you have to use the Bake function. Most of your time with this oven will be spent on this function. For Air Fry and Dehydrate, you get a choice of temperature and time and very few tips, so you’ll have to look elsewhere for cooking instructions and recipes. Of all the smart ovens, Brava's is the most expensive, at $1,095. All rights reserved. While initially it seems like a lot of steps, you soon get the hang of it and it ensures you’re doing things correctly. When you choose a setting and push the button, Brava takes over to ensure consistently delicious results. It’s less than perfect at browning and crisping a whole chicken. height measurement, Water Through extensive testing, Brava chefs develop recipe programs for different dishes so each ingredient gets precisely cooked, as different lamps turn on, off, and change temperature.