Prune the ends of overgrown branches to keep the eucalyptus tree … Eucalyptus cinerea; Eucalyptus vernicosa; Eucalyptus erythronema; Eucalyptus gregsoniana; Eucalyptus coccifera; Eucalyptus archeri; Propagating Eucalyptus. Attractive blue-green, coin-shaped juvenile leaves, opposite on the pendulous stems, excellent for adding to bouquets and cut ornamental arrangements. Growth rate: Fast. E. cinerea  will regenerate off the lignotuber if cut down by man, beast or nature. Eucalyptus trees (Eucalyptus cinerea) have a tolerance to hot, humid, salty and windy conditions that makes them a suitable choice for Florida gardeners statewide. Bark is reddish-brown, peeling on smaller stems. Eucalyptus cinerea, commonly known as the Argyle apple or mealy stringbark, is a species of small to medium-sized tree that is endemic to south-eastern Australia.It has rough, fibrous bark on the trunk and branches, usually only juvenile, glaucous, egg-shaped leaves, flower buds in groups of three, white flowers and conical to bell-shaped fruit. Pruning For a silver dollar tree, prune crossing branches, dead branches and those that interfere with walking. ©2020 by Grafton Nursery & Hardy Eucalyptus. Water the silver dollar plant slowly with a garden hose or soaker hose until the soil is wet to a depth of 2 to 3 feet, then let the soil dry before watering again. Collecting from the Nursery: we are more than happy for customers to collect trees from our nursery dispatch area (which happens to be in our car park! Eucalyptus cinerea Argyle Apple, Mealy Stringybark. All unwanted items must be returned in a saleable condition and proof of return given within those 14 days (Deductions may be made for signs of lack of due care). Please call 0751 526 1511 quoting your order number and gift card/voucher number. It is essential that your given lots of water during its establishment phase before you abandon it to its fate. The characteristic of apical dominance is strongly developed. If you would like your order for a specific date, have dispatch delayed until you are back from holiday and ready to plant it, then do please ping us an email and let us know what you would like to do. Amazingly fast growing, Eucalyptus Silver Dollar Tree, establishes from Eucalyptus seeds, and it creates a versatile tree for the yard or for a container indoors. New 3 litre x 2nd year old stock ready now, 5 litre stock with good sized rootballs ready late Spring 2020. Hardiness in Eucalyptus is governed by provenance of seed, how it is grown (i.e. Your tree may have been pruned: We prune our stock. The tree needs pruning to encourage the development of branches. If a more expensive service (I.e. Small, spreading tree with beautiful, silvery-grey foliage that shines in bright sunlight. The Garden wouldn't be the Garden without our Members, Donors and Volunteers. Eucalyptus cinerea – Argyle Apple. Lignotuber:  it has one, which is a good thing! Indoor eucalyptus plant growth benefits from annual pruning. Floral Art: excellent cut foliage. E cinerea is happy in free draining soil, once established. He's also used Eucalyptus cinerea which is probably a little more vigorous than the other two. ... Prune as necessary to remove any damaged or dead foliage and to promote a well-balanced structure. The coppicing treatment used in his experiment was to prune them to about 15 centimetres several times over the last few years. Young trees are like children; within any age group they are variable in shape and size, but all of them are delightful! If grown as an annual shrub from seed in the St. Louis area, it typically grows rapidly to 6-8’ tall by mid-summer. Grow Eucalyptus gunnii in moist but well-drained soil in a sheltered site. We’re very sorry to hear this and apologise for any inconvenience caused. In spring, abundant clusters of white flowers are borne amongst the foliage. Houseplant. Many couriers will not leave your parcel unless you are home to receive it and in some instances, it can take up to 4 days to re-arrange a delivery, which is not great for your tree. How to use in the landscape and/or garden: Good Specimen Tree for the wider landscape and for the medium garden. How long does it take to get a refund? For unsightly or leggy growth, cut back to about 6 inches from the ground. No pruning is necessary, but if you must reduce or balance the branches out, act in spring or end of summer. We therefore advise you report the need for a return and refund as soon as possible. Excellent for cut foliage. high nitrogen levels reduces cold tolerance), age of the tree - the older your tree, the hardier it will be. Container plants can be placed on patios or sunk into the ground to the lip, but must be brought indoors in fall before first frost for overwintering. Worried about your order? Eucalyptus in Safe Places: Please advise us of a safe place to leave your parcel: it could be the front porch, back garden, local corner shop (if willing), friendly neighbour guaranteed to be home. We will always send you our happiest and healthiest plants, correctly labelled and true to type. If any minor damage is sustained in transit, this is not a problem; just pruned it off and new shoots will soon regrow. Excellent round silver foliage for floral art. Argyle Apple: the tree profile reminded early settlers of the traditional standard apple tree. It also produces many shoots from epicormic buds lying dormant beneath the bark higher up the tree; so E. cinerea  will respond extremely well to both coppicing and pollarding practices and general pruning with secateurs. Edmond, OK. As a rule, Eucalyptus do not require much in the way of pruning, but if you want to carry out a little shaping and tidying, the process is straight forward. The hardier eucalypts are trees of small or moderate size that occur at altitudes of over 1,600 feet (500 meters), and preferably over 3,300 feet (1000 meters). The photographs of stock are representative images. Shoots ‘n Leaves: Young shoots are round and glaucous (covered in white wax)Juvenile foliage: round to ovate, clasping the stem and in the most striking silvery blue. The shredded foliage of this species is excellent at keeping Chicken nest boxes and hen houses free of red mites, which detest the presence of Eucalyptol. Prune hard annually to maintain its small habit and juvenile foliage. Plants are also commonly grown in containers as either shrubs or trained as standards.