FIELD: horticulture, in particular, tree transplantation for garden reconditioning. If we can inoculate the tube stock with mycorrhiza we can limit these stresses and survival/growth rates will increase — as demonstrated now in our food forest trees. Tree transplantation is the latest technology to suite the need to conserve trees. See his website for more details or print outs of the methodology. This method is defined as moving a tree from one location to the other by unearthing it … Acquiring river sand directly from the market is a good idea. At the time of planting burlap can be removed from rootball or it can remain on root ball just lose from your plant and spread in the hole. Patented in 2014, ArborLift™ is revolutionizing the giant tree transplanting industry. Tree Lifting/Removal. National Shade Tree Spade : Height 14 Feet, Lenght 70 Feet, Tree spading is a common method for moving and transplanting large trees from one site to another. In order to facilitate construction of large scale projects without cutting of trees, this technology has been developed. Step 6: We used recycled paper Eco Mulch Mats, specially designed for this type of work, and the thing for our gardeners was that the Eco Mulch Mats would last for 12 – 18 months and is the equivalent to 100mm of mulch. There are great differences in the environmental requirement for each tree. I really like those pink tree guards, could have used about 30 or so for our recent plantings. I have deer here in the U.S., ready to nibble all of my seedlings. Transplanting an olive tree in Greece In agriculture and gardening transplanting or replanting is the technique of moving a plant from one location to another. Crane is required to lift the packed tree and usually a trolley or truck is used to transport the tree depending upon its size from its original location to the place where it is to be transplanted. Let someone transplant it to a happy new home. It is easier to supply water than to drain away excess. Just as we apply starter fertiliser when young trees are planted we also need to consider inoculating with mycorrhiza to enhance survival rates. Matt has worked on every soil that Australia has. Calculate the Size of the Root Ball. We lost only one of the support trees and the garden has had 0% vandalism. Scaffolding is required for about one and a half to three months depending upon the condition of the tree for each transplanted tree to give it external support. Tree transplanting specimens up to 20cm trunk diameter using a tree spade is a cost effective and time saving way of enhancing landscapes. The process of transplanting a tree actually begins several months prior to the actual relocation with the pruning of its roots. In addition to this trio of benefits, the compost component also inoculates a new workforce of beneficial microbes into the soil to get the trees jumping out of the ground. tree transplanting work and the tree will inevitably face difficulties for its regenerating growth, it is necessary to consider if the contribution of the tree after transplanting is proportionate to the cost. My email is [email protected] Skype nick.huggins. Thanks for the Comments Christine, The trees are an important part of our ecosystem, and play a vital role in maintaining the biodiversity of the area. The tree will be transplanted to a permanent locations adjacent to the site. as a heavy surface mulch. Tree seedlings purchased from our suppliers are transplanted into patented pyramid tree pots that are part of a larger in-field tree growing complex. At the same time we need expert staff to sew packing material properly and tightly according to the root requirement. Also soak the root ball of the plant before moving so that the soil will remain together during the digging process. Your email address will not be published. During transplanting trees often suffer from transplant shock. This involves lifting an existing tree from one location and transporting it to another before successfully replanting. Below I have listed the steps that Southern Beaches Community Garden adapted from Matt’s methodology to produce these successful results: Step 1: Compost was sourced from a local permaculturist and added to the tree hole that was dug 3x the size of the tree’s pot that was going in the hole — wide and deep to allow good root penetration and development. I’m putting the success down to the planting methodology shared by a good friend and college of mine, Matt Kilby from Share this entry. Share on Facebook; Share on Twitter; All our clients are satisfying with our service. This method is often used on large trees especially when transplanting palms. It’s better to remove any fruit in the younger years. Tree Tonic lessens the impact of transplant shock by providing essential nutrients and to reverse the negative effects of transplanting and helps the plant to recover and increase growth rates. It takes about 30 to 45 days in the growing period for the transplanted tree to grow new branches & foliage. All species of Ficus may be transplanted throughout the year however the summer months should be avoided. Looked at Matt’s site and apparently they’re not available in the US.