If I buy any Frito Lay product, I'll stick to the kettle chips, that's one of the only one good things that they have left. The rules that control which ingredients are fully described and which are categorized have changed over the last 40+ years. Its launch in 2012 was "the biggest launch in Taco Bell history," according to CEO Greg Creed, and an astounding 500 million were sold in the first 14 months. Original Plain Doritos I started eating taco flavored doritos a long long decades ago time far far away. The 60s/70s Taco was much more bold and spicy; today's seems weak compared, and a little cheesy! Doritos Salsa Verde Chips - 10.5oz. I'd put the sheet in our gas oven's broiler and toast everything for no longer than 60 seconds. This is an interesting taste test experiment, I sure can relate to having a favorite snack food and then finding that the original recipe has been changed. Answer: I don't think they sell the plain corn chip flavor any more. In Australia, Doritos has a "Mexicana" flavor that is similar to the original and my favorite Taco flavor. You can compare this list to the ingredients on a modern bag. - anonymous, These are not the same chips we ate in the 70's. They had a few bags here in NH few years back. For this delicious taco casserole with Doritos, you’ll need these ingredients: GROUND MEAT: We chose ground beef for this recipe, but you can use ground turkey as well. Had my taste buds dulled over the years? According to the bold marketing campaign the company decided to produce bags with approximately one in six chips having an extra spicy flavor. So what came next for this fast food innovation? As long as my grocer was selling them; I was buying them. The result has been that I always buy the Cool Ranch instead because the Taco flavor still makes me feel disappointed when I remember the old ones. This mystery chip even had a tagline that read: “Tasting Notes: All American Classic.” The point of all this was to allow Doritos fans to come up with a name for the mystery chip. However, the decision to consume tacos at that hour often has something to do with how many drinks you've had, so the standards for tacos eaten under those circumstances aren't necessarily very high. Don't hold us in suspense. This is a natural combination that makes sense because the cool ranch compliments the spicy pizza flavors very well. Now personally I can't stand blue cheese or ranch flavor for dipping things into or to dress up. Doritos original Taco Flavor has had its own following since it went away long, long ago but now it's back permanently and features the taste of tacos on a typical Doritos corn tortilla chip. Rosarita Refried Beans. If so, crunch on. Whatever happened to the original Doritos Taco Flavor Tortilla Chips? I think that is also the original design. I had already told my kids how much I had loved Taco Doritos back in my day, and how exciting it was for them to be back. Two or three bags a week. Unfortunately, the actual flavor didn’t seem to live up to all the hype. Thanks! Thanks for your research. I remember when they hooked up with Taco Bell and introduced the tomato and cheese flavors into them. We all mourn when a favorite corporate-manufactured food is taken away from us. 3D Doritos were offered to the snacking public in the 1990’s and they may have reminded them of  lesser known snack chips called Bugles. $49.88. I loved them and other Taco favored chips back in the late 60s & 70s. Taco flavor hasnt returned.. Its been around for the past few years at least... You are absolutely right, I just tried them in hopes of that fantastic flavor I loved so much, but unfortunately this was not it. :) - anonymous, I remember a 70s version of "Taco" Doritos, and I found this page searching for it. It's aggravating when a company says they will bring the original back and then it doesn't taste the same. Doritos Taco Chips - 9.75oz. We now buy organic corn chips that have about a fourth of the ingredients listed above (as in just food and no chemicals). People were warned and were willing to gamble with these chips – at least until they ran out of luck and were discontinued. I love Doritos here in the Philippines. mai 27 2017, 3:40 pm. Sodas like Mountain Dew go great with Doritos and other salty snacks, but as a flavor for tortilla chips it feels like less than a home run. I remember the originals to be bold..but not hot...and slightly greasy....which made them great. What Happened To Regular Doritos. D&D Beyond - Jay B. Please don’t say “a watermelon will grow in your stomach”. The powder tasted somewhat like Doritos, but once eaten on the homemade Taco shells something magical happened. Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, Original Flavor, 1 Resealable Pack. Sorry ,but I felt betrayed and banned nacho cheese Doritos for quite a few years! 1.125 oz. I scanned the ingredients, but since I had never paid attention to the ingredients when I was a kid, I had no idea whether it was the same recipe or not. The original Doritos were not flavored. These newfangled Taco Doritos are such a major disappointment, I'm about ready to write my disappointment to the factory. DORITOS® For the BOLD. The new ones taste only slightly of the old, bold flavor. Still, good to see it back. - MHF. Some new flavors were successful, but sadly others missed the mark such as Rollitios and Pizza Cravers are part of snack history now. Apparently these mashups had a strong fanbase who liked the slightly outrageous flavors so it was a little surprising when they were abruptly discontinued only a couple of years later. I found them addictive, but in a rare case of childhood self-control, I found it was crucial to limit myself to, say, 15, or I'd feel physically bad. Fortunately, there was one close by. Definitely not the same flavor as the one's I ate in high school in the mid-seventies. I was maybe 10 the first time i tried them. Featured Most Recent Highest Grade Lowest Grade Most Helpful With Photo Test Verified. I eat it grilled/pan cooked. Next came taco-flavored Doritos Dinamita (rolled tortilla chips that we've eaten in Chile Limón, Fiery Habanero, Mojo Criollo and Nacho Picoso, but not in the Taco flavor). Although they do have at least a little following and at least for a time they were available for sale on eBay.com. In 1967, executives decided to introduce a new taco flavor, seasoning the chip with taco seasoning. DORITOS® Taco Flavored Tortilla Chips. They were billed as a “throwback” flavor the second time around, but like the first time around they were only available for a limited time. As far as taste this version of a Doritos chip was said to taste something like a cheeseburger. Good! The new recipe is definitely NOT the same, and I have written to Frito-Lay at least twice about my disappointment. If they truly want to re-create the original they need to go to a spicier spice base (cumin, chili powder) and remove the cheesy additive. I thought it was great how each chip was flavored different instead of all the flavor being on every chip. I’ve been eating the farmed Alaskan, but I tried eating the wild caught sokeye because farmed is not good. avavaavra - Steve Espinola, Why oh why does Frito Lay insist on putting that nasty sour cream flavoring into every taco flavored Doritos they keep releasing! I think the cheese flavor is the one I buy the most now. With every crunch, Doritos aims to redefine culture and support those who are boldly themselves. If you're up to the challenge, grab a bag of DORITOS tortilla chips and get ready to make some memories you won't soon forget. I am about to decide they have taken them off the market, too. PIZZA CRAVERS AND TACO SUPREME. The flavor was deep and savory in a smoky, spicy way. Lots of fun and a look back at the past :). My mom started making taco salad using Taco Doritos years ago and now it's how I make it for my kids. These chips don't really have a taco taste at all. They were hoping for a cheeseburger taste explosion, but ended up with a pickle flavored dud. - Larry M. Question: Where can you buy taco flavored Doritos? There are some reports from that time that these special Doritos flavors cost more than regular Doritos flavors, which could have caused them to be less popular than they would have otherwise been. Doritos Plain Corn Chips . Answer: I don't think they sell them any more. The only negative is their tendency to leave a lot of cheesy powder on your fingers, but this is a small price to pay to satisfy your savory cheese fix with Chester. Definitely yummy and a fun way to mix things up, if your bored with your regular old chip flavors. If the company thought snackers were craving the spicy goodness of tacos they could have simply brought back the Taco Supreme Doritos. At that time he only had the original taco flavor. But could I determine for sure that it was the Doritos that were at fault and not my memory? Taco flavor, even in my opinion, beats most of the current popular ones and even the Nacho ones, hands down. I was born in the middle sixty's,so I grew up on the Taco Doritos. Although this particular chip flavor had a certain following it certainly wasn’t enough to save it from eventually being discontinued in the 1980’s. These Jumping’ Jack Doritos sound very tasty and apparently comedian Jay Leno agreed because he was hired as an enthusiastic pitch man for this cheesy tortilla chip. Yes, you probably do. Opening a restaurant isn’t easy, but keeping one open is even harder. A 2000 bag of Doritos Toasted Corn. The old saying goes a long way "sometimes, less is more". Doritos. Also, I love how you are holding the "specimen" in your intro picture. I almost freaked as i thought my favorite chip was back! I remember guacamole doritos befor ethey were discontinued. Back in the day Doritos and all the flavor chips had WAY less "flavor sprinkles" on them. Doritos Jacked 3D enjoyed only a limited run before being discontinued. It had me smiling, I like that. Through a collaborative efforts, Taco Bell and Frito-Lay developed the Doritos Locos Tacos. Anyways I'm glad I found people to agree with me and prove that I'm not crazy! I was not disappointed at all and they tasted as remembered! Serving size about 12 chips (28g) Amount per serving CALORIES 150 % Daily Value* Total Fat 1g: 10% : Saturated Fat 1g: 6% : Trans Fat 0g: Cholesterol 0mg: 0: Sodium 190mg: 8%: Total … Sadly it was a small bag but i HAD to have them again! This doesn’t make a lot of sense since they already rolled out Taco Supreme Doritos and discontinued them. We ate a ton of the taco flavor as a kid and when i saw the retro bag, figured 'I gotta try these'! Hmmm. These tortilla chips taste great … Delicious, but not quite as bold as the original. Thank you for your article it's perfect and mimics our thoughts exactly. - Michelle, The original 60s and 70s taco were the best. (All of the photos on this page are by me, except one. Yes (7) No (1) Report. 5 Answers . It is inexplicable that this flavor did not last longer or even become a permanent flavor, but for whatever reason Chester’s Cheese Doritos enjoyed only a short life before disappearing from store shelves for good. The other remarkable thing about Jason's photo is the price on the bag. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Then I'd place one little-fingernail-sized pinch of a Kraft individually-wrapped cheese slice (American??) I know how sad it is when a favorite junk food goes MIA - or when the recipe changes and is no longer as good as before. Such a fun lens. He used to eat the whole bag as a snack so was also horribly disappointed. These are tasty but not as good as I remember. A 2000 bag of Doritos Toasted Corn. 7. I love the Taco flavor doritos. What Happened To Regular Doritos. 4.7 out of 5 stars with 7 reviews. That was my favorite snack when i was a kid! First, they added sour cream (blecccch) to the recipe. 1 offer from $12.99. Was my dream coming true? This could have something to do with why the chip was discontinued after a short run in stores so it doesn’t really matter what customers came up with for a name. Taco flavored chips started disappearing sometime in the 70s. The X-13D Doritos is a bit of a cautionary tale for marketing experts who try to promote a product using hype for a product that isn’t ready for prime time. There's a guy on Flickr who has a collection of photos of old product packaging, and he took a picture of an old Taco Doritos bag. Doritos, which translates to "little golden things" in Spanish, originally debuted in 1968 in the taco flavor. Who cares what these Doritos taste like this was a cool marketing campaign with cool packaging to boot. the old magic wasn't there. Doritos, which translates to "little golden things" in Spanish, originally debuted in 1968 in the taco flavor. For over 30 years i've dreamed of this and then i ate them.... one chip after another, dissapointment building with each one... Fritolay, give the original recipe to someone who'll make them properly and sell them everywhere...all your other flavors are terrible, especially the nacho flavored Doritos... Not at all like the original flavor!