Megapixels: 24 Sensor Size: APS-C (23.6 x 15.6 mm) Dimensions: 4.29 x 2.44 x 1.3″ (127 x 75 x 52 mm) Weight: 257 g (0.57 lb / 9.07 oz), 😃 Great image quality 😃 Great image stabilisation 😃 Truly pocketable size 😃 Feather light 😃 Minimalist design 😃 Fast start-up 😃 Unique focus modes 😃 Good value for money 😃 Great grip/ergonomics 😃 Great touchscreen 😃 Great picture style selection, 😔 Sub-par low-light AF 😔 Poor battery life 😔 Reflective screen 😔 Limited movie options (no 4k video) 😔 No viewfinder 😔 Slightly unresponsive shutter. Now reading: Best compact zoom cameras in 2020 439 comments. In our opinion, the Sony RX100 VII is the best overall compact camera you can buy – that said, the RX100 VI remains a fantastic option if you don’t need Sony’s latest tech.Â. Even though your definition of ‘compact’ may be different to mine, you can be sure to amazing quality images out of all these cameras, coupled with a fun shooting experience that’ll leave a smile on your face. A big sensor in a pocketable body make this a fine street-photography camera. Fast auto focus, impressive zoom range, and a nice fast lens for low-light photography and to blur the background. I keep mentioning how this is the best small digital camera for street photography, but the reality is, I didn’t actually get to test it out on ‘the street’! Still, you’ve got a Four Thirds sensor, which is the same size as the one you’ll find in one of the company’s interchangeable lens cameras, coupled with a 3x zoom lens which gives you fast apertures of f/1.8-2.8. The Canon EOS M200 is a nicely designed entry-level mirrorless camera aimed at beginners and smartphone upgraders. The EVF is now OLED and has a slightly higher magnification than its predecessor – it’s a superb way to frame your shots and means the Q2 is very usable in challenging lighting conditions. Sony RX100 VII - i2. By Richard Baguley 12 August 2020. Megapixels: 20.1 Sensor Size: ‎1 inch (13.2mm x 8.8mm) Dimensions: 4.2 x 2.4 x 1.7 in. Sony RX1R II | Best Compact Camera for Professionals. The RX100 VII is a pocketable long zoom camera that does just about everything right, though it doesn't come cheap. Excellent image quality, fun film simulations, unique hybrid viewfinder, reliable auto-focus and drop dead good-looks round out this impressive point and shoot. When the light begins to drop, you have two options with the Canon G7X Mark II – use the pop-up flash, or crank up that ISO dial (which is either within the menu or assigned to the lens ring). Compared to the 16.3MP sensor employed by its predecessor, the X100F’s 24.2MP sensor also offers significantly more resolution, which benefits both image cropping and printing. Being able to adjust the aperture using the lens ring is also a unique feature that will appeal especially to fans of rangefinders. Sony RX100 VII. The lens includes optical image stabilisation promising four stops benefit and, alongside the conventional PASM modes for enthusiast photographers, there’s the familiar set of automated Scene modes aimed at beginners. Ask any street photographer worth their salt to name two camera brands synonymous with capturing some up-close pavement action, and their answers will include: one expensive German brand… and Ricoh. They’re equipped with smaller optical zooms than bridge cameras, although most still come in around 24-200mm or thereabouts. ), is the new grip, which is moulded, tactile and perfectly placed on the front and rear of the body. Needless to say, the cameras investigated here are for those of you who are ready to invest in a tool capable of producing professional-grade images and last several years. The EVF is similarly excellent – one of the best I’ve used. Sensor: 20.1-MP 1-inch stacked CMOS | Lens: … Unwilling to haul a heavy SLR or mirrorless camera? Megapixels: 26.1 Sensor Size: 23.5mm×15.6mm (APS-C) X-Trans CMOS 4 Dimensions: (W) 128.0mm × (H) 74.8mm × (D) 53.3mm /(W) 5.04in × (H) 2.94in × (D) 2.10in Weight: 478g / 16.9oz Review, 😀 Awesome hybrid optical + electronic viewfinder 😀 Sharp, fast lens 😀 The latest X-Trans IV sensor 😀 Highly customizable 😀 In-lens ND filter 😀 Great tilting touchscreen 😀 Compact, beautiful design 😀 Inconspicuous styling 😀 17 film simulations, 😔 Poor grip 😔 No dual card slot 😔 Limited weather sealing. The film simulations are all way better than any other small camera systems on the market. As well as being water-resistant, most will survive a drop onto a solid floor from arm’s length without sustaining any damage. Though it’s not the easiest camera to slip into a trouser or shirt pocket, it isn’t exactly bulky. Sony really should take a leaf out of Ricoh’s book there, to avoid more slippery camera offerings! I love being able to control the aperture on the lens ring like a rangefinder, and the macro mode is similarly located. Check out the image below for what I mean. 🤑. Acheter Appareil photo compact Fujifilm X100F Argent . Each of these cameras can take full-HD videos, and they have professional-quality image capturing capabilities, so you should be quite amazed at the photos produced by these devices. Megapixels: 42.4. (Incidentally, if the Sony RX1 RII is the Ferrari of the full frame compact cameras, the Leica Q2 which we’ll get to soon is the Rolls Royce…), With a fixed 35mm Carl Zeiss Sonnar f/2 lens, this camera is arguably all you’d ever need as an everyday camera or something for travel – my only hesitation for recommending it as a camera for your next holiday is the price, of course – you wouldn’t want to lose this one by the pool…, Beautiful focus falloff and 3D-like rendering from the amazing f/2 lens + 35mm sensor of the Sony RX1 RII | 1/125 f/2 ISO2000, 100% crop shows incredible detail in the 42.4MP files. This full-frame compact camera, announced at Photokina, has lots of little tricks up its sleeve. I was in two minds about whether to include the Leica Q2 in this list – not because of its price (we’ll come to that in a minute), but because it’s not exactly ‘compact’ in its dimensions. Image quality should be top of the list when researching cameras. Nirbhay Singh Follow on Twitter Send an email November 2, 2020. Of course, you’ll only get the full benefit of 4K video footage if you have a 4K monitor or TV to view it on. For those with a more sensible budget, it’s worth looking at older RX100 models, as well as those from Canon’s Powershot range – particularly the G7X Mark III if vlogging is your thing. It’s measured in f-stops – the higher the f-stop, the smaller the hole; the lower the f-stop, the wider it is. The Sony RX100 VII is a powerful, feature-packed, do-everything pocket camera with a truly remarkable optical zoom lens, 4k video and blistering shooting performance. Panasonic’s handy 4K-photo mode gets its own button, allowing you to record 8MP stills at 30fps. Image 6 of 6. I shot in Vivid with the contrast increased for some additional punch, but there are plenty of nice-looking B&W filters to choose from too – another nod to classic street portraiture, with contrasty, gritty B&W options aplenty! Due to the pocketable dimensions of the Canon G7X Mark II, the grip is a welcome addition and makes for a comfortable shooting experience, not to mention a lot more security when holding it with one hand for long periods. The X100V is the most aesthetically beautiful camera I’ve ever used – it pains me to say it, but if you can’t afford a Leica and want something just as beautiful, get one of these…, I’ve shot many different cameras over my years as a photographer, but the ones that really resonate with me are the ones that produce images with a certain something else – that ‘X’ factor (pun not intended!). Third, we look at image noise, which affects how clean an image appears at higher ISOs and can vary hugely from camera to camera. I simply love the convenience of having a camera in my pocket, ready to capture a high quality image – maybe you’re the same? Published Mar 2, 2020 | dpreview staff Share. The X-Pro 3 has an … Buying a compact camera is an investment, but rightfully so – without spending appropriately, you’ll only be left with something that’s as good as, or potentially worse at capturing an image than your smartphone. As such, it’s a camera you can slip into a coat pocket that offers unrivalled image quality – beautifully creamy shallow depth of field, great dynamic range for expanded latitude when post-processing, great high ISO performance… basically amazing image quality that’s superior to 99% of other cameras in its size class. On the VI the tilt is 90 degrees down and 180 degrees up, making it perfect for vlogging. Strictly speaking, bridge compacts aren’t really compact at all, which is why we haven’t included them here; they’re often about the same size as a mid-level DSLR. Since they’re usually small enough to slip into a coat pocket, they’re ideal for taking on holiday. The best overall camcorder of 2020 is the Pansonic HC-WXF991K. The touchscreen on the Ricoh GRIII is snappy and responsive, with that all-important tap-to-focus-and-shoot function, allowing for the most inconspicuous photos – perfect for incognito street photography. The products in this post may contain affiliate links. Leave us your thoughts in the comments. Sony RX100 VII. This allows for a practical and enjoyable shooting experience, with one-hand controlling the shutter button and the other left to support the camera and adjust the lens ring. These additions can range from long zoom lenses for the perfect holiday shots to weighty sensors for a level of dynamic range and low-light performance you’ll struggle to achieve without a dedicated camera at your side. If its price is more than you’re willing to spend, we’d recommend looking at the Panasonic Lumix TZ100, which can be found for under £400 at the time of writing. Unwilling to haul a heavy SLR or mirrorless camera? This includes the same 24.2MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS sensor and X-Processor Pro image processor employed by the company’s flagship X-Pro 2 and X-T2 interchangeable lens models. It’s more like… dare I say it… a Fujifilm than a Sony! The TZ200 can even make a decent attempt at tracking moving subjects while shooting at a brisk 7fps. Also, the camera seems to take a split-second to render images on the LCD during playback – it’s barely perceptible at first, but once you see it, it’s hard not to notice it again. The Sony RX100 VII offers a tilting touchscreen, albeit a limited one. The Best Compact Cameras for Travel Photography 2020. Whereas small 1/2.3-in sensors are still used in many cheaper compacts (and, indeed, some smartphones), more advanced models often come with a 1-in sensor that features around four times the surface area. We particularly love the new L.Monochome D Photo Style, which works really well for classic street-style shots. Handling is excellent for a compact, with a generous grip that makes it comfortable to hold and easy to steady, and other impressive features include the optical zoom, burst shooting and pop-up viewfinder. Here are the best compact cameras for 2021 National Geographic’s expert photo engineer shares his picks for capturing your next great journey, whether it’s abroad or in your backyard. One of the best compact cameras you can buy and a genuine step up from your smartphone. If you need these, check out the Sony RX100 VI (1in sensor) or Canon G1X Mark III (larger APS-C sensor). Describing the minute design details of the Lecia Q2 may sound insignificant and fanciful on paper, but in use it’s practical, elegant and utterly sublime. GoPro Hero 8 Black – arguably the best action camera for 2020; Insta360 One R – best runner up sports cam (with 4K and 360° mod); DJI Osmo Action 4K – a worthy alternative to GoPro’s Hero series; Sony FDR-X3000R – best camcorder for action shots in 2020; Olympus Tough TG-6 – the best rugged compact underwater camera today; Sony DSC-RX0 II – A … There’s something about having a camera that’s small/light enough to have on you every day that I find endearing – I love the feeling of having a capable device to capture all of life’s precious moments. CANON G7X MARK III - 6. The G7X Mark III is the best around and our new favourite for the job, thanks to some big upgrades on the Mark II. Image 1 of 6. There’s no getting around the fact that spending £1200 on a compact camera – no matter how powerful – is going to be a big ask for many people.Â, Read our Canon Powershot G7X Mark III review, Best compact camera 2020: The 12 best take-anywhere cameras, Good image quality throughout the zoom range, Lacks the G7X Mark III’s YouTube livestreaming, Lacklustre out-of-camera JPEG image quality, Control layout is poor for eye-level shooting, Great new video features, including a mic input, Lens is a little limited in terms of creative potential, Detailed, sharp images across the aperture range. A fine street-photography camera with a large sensor. If you'd rather avoid standing in place for hours on end, the camera has both manual and automatic time-lapse settings — including Cityscape, Sunset, and Star … While, the RX100 VII is fantastic, the hefty price tag isn’t for everyone. 📸 Want those beautiful Fujifilm tones? 10fps may not sound so impressive next to the other cameras in this article, but considering the Maestro II image processor is pushing such enormous 47.3MP files around, this is no mean feat. The 20 best Compact Cameras in 2020 ranked based on 1,460 reviews - Find consumer reviews on, Australia's No.1 Opinion Site. Get the Leica Q2, and be the envy of every other photographer with a pulse! If you want the best of the best and you’ve got the budget to spend, then this is a camera which comes extremely highly recommended, but it’s worth looking down back through the line of RX100 predecessors if your budget is a little more conservative and you can live without some of the additional features that the RX100 VII brings. The autofocus isn’t the only improvement over the GRII. Aside from Sony’s older RX1R and RX1R II, it’s the only fixed lens compact camera that has a full-frame sensor. This enables the TZ200 to offer a standard sensitivity range of ISO 200-25,600 bookended by expanded settings of ISO 80 and ISO 25,600. We had to wait four years for a replacement, the LX100 II, and while it brings some welcome upgrades in terms of the sensor and electronic viewfinder, overall it’s a fairly undramatic set of improvements. Superzoom cameras are popular travel companions because of their versatility. The 5 Best Cameras for Under $400 in 2020. You can flick through photos during playback, pinch/double-tap to zoom, and even focus and shoot using any of the AF modes. Unusually, the camera doesn’t come with a dedicated charger either, but third party options are cheap too. Yep, I know – crazy, right?! A key change in this model is the movie performance as it now supports 4k video at 30p. Share. Dynamic range on the Sony RX100 VII is decent – original RAW pushed 3.5 stops (image noise is largely due to the heavily compressed gif file.). The Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ80K is an amazing camera with an integrated optical zoom that is second to none. The lens width remains the same – 18.3mm (28mm equivalent), and I’m happy about that. It really is incredible having such range at your disposal, and as long as you’re in decent light, shooting at 200mm (and f/4.5) yields some great bokeh. It all adds up to a thoroughly enjoyable handling experience. Photographs By Mark Thiessen. In practice, shooting at ISO125 and brightening in the post was similar to having shot at ISO800~1600 and nailing the exposure. Image 3 of 6. And, unlike its predecessor’s, that sensor now captures 47.3-megapixel shots, which gives it an extra 75mm crop option. Learn more: Here are top tips for taking photos on your next trip. If you want to save some cash and are mainly interested in stills shooting, it’s worth keeping an eye on prices for the G7X Mark II, which has the same sensor and lens combination. Controlling the camera with the Canon Camera Connect App was painless, and worked well for controlling the camera from a distance, or simply transferring JPEGs to my iPhone. Fujifilm X100V | All Round Best Compact Digital Camera. When shot wide open at f/2, bokeh is beautiful, with subject separation normally only reserved for cameras with much larger sensors (and lenses) – the sensor in this camera is APS-C, but you’d be forgiven for assuming you’re shooting full frame – the image quality really is that impressive. The maximum aperture has dropped to f/3.3-6.4 (from f/2.8-5.9 on the Lumix TZ100) and it carries across built-in image stabilisation, which goes a long way towards making this small-aperture superzoom usable without always having to raise the ISO to avoid blur from camera shake. By Luca Di Marzo Nov 08, 2020. Best Point and Shoot Cameras. The exterior has minimal branding, the rubberized grip conforms perfectly to the hand, and the buttons blend nicely into the camera body. It really shows that you don’t have to skimp too much on image quality and performance if you want something which is ultra portable. 4.0. For many people this makes it well worth the cost and, in fact, you may find the G5X Mark II is the camera you use most – smartphone included. Whether you’re going on holiday and need something smaller and lighter to document your memories, or simply want something you can throw in your jacket pocket on a day out, this is the buying guide for you. The XF10’s main strength is its excellent image quality, with distortion-free, edge-to-edge sharpness and the option of using Fujifilm’s useful Film Simulation modes. If you’re looking for a genuinely pocketable compact camera with smartphone-beating performance, then the G5X Mark II is certainly one of the best you can buy. I also love the fact that LCD displays the optical zoom focal length as you’re zooming, so you can set it to 35mm for example, and leave it there if that’s your preference when shooting primes – this is what I found myself doing since I rarely shoot at 24mm.

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