It comes as no surprise really since I’m sure most of us would admit that we always seek out the profanity when learning a new language. Like, I don’t know if you’re taking the piss, but “Ich ficke Katzen” is NOT “your mother stinks like fish” at all. German is not well known by its swear words, but more by its philosophical capacity. Alte: Old bag/bat: Alter wichser: Old wanker: am Blitz geleckt haben (Der hat wohl am Blitz geleckt!) Yeah some of them aren’t that correctly translated. Every language has swear words and many people use them all the time. Another common German swear word with the same effect is Zicke. German Swear Words, Slang, Phrases, Curses, Insults, Colloquialisms and Expletives! German swear words are, for many travelers, a key reason why they want to learn German — so that they can know common German insults for fun social interactions before arriving in the country! Whether the scenario is downright frustrating, or a person is getting on your nerves, these German words and phrases serve as an excellent starting point in your German swearing immersion: Miss your bus? Those nouns include: puke, squeegees, carnations, and spoons. Boches Apheresis of the word alboche, which in turn is a blend of allemand (French for German) and caboche (slang for 'head'). Berlin Wall, Germany - Not Entirely Collapsed or Fallen. If you want to destroy a kids self esteem, it works like a charm. There are some real eye-openers out there. Many speakers also add. Only the Germans could come up with a word like Shadenfreude which means ‘to have pleasure due to the misfortune of others’. This is a tame phrase in German. While ‘fuckwit’ seems to be a common answer, ‘bad masturbator,’ ‘motherfucker,’ and other less than positive terms have been used as well. English swear words used in German The German language has adopted many English words into its vocabulary, and swear words are no exception. – Son of a Bitch Regardless of the exact translation, this phrase should tell someone that you don’t want them around. In any language, swear words are like valves. The combinations are endless; some people in the French-Canadian community consider mixing and matching swear words to be a sort of skilled art. Here we go! Each swear word and curse phrase in the French language comes with its appropriate settings where it should be used. The German swear word “Scheiße!” comes from Middle High German “schÄ«ze” (“to part”). And that’s no different when it comes to cursing. So, even if you aren’t one to utter these colorful lines, it is still good to know some German swear words. Shit – Scheisse. My father, who spent 5 years in a POW camp, used to call me and my siblings “wertlose schwinehunden”. Native germans know when to use which expletive… for example, some of these are lightheartedly used by close friends as nicknames (“Hey, du Wichser, wie gehts dir?” [Hey, fucker, how are you?]). Used mainly during the First and Second World Wars, and directed especially at German soldiers. From press trips to content development find out what The Travel Tart can do for you! These intricate uses of French profanities can be difficult to master. We've also got some other German favorites for translations like Slut, Cunt, Bitch, and Bastard. ), These people couldn`t organize a bunfight, to booze/raise in the elbow/get plastered. Many of these German words and phrases have alternatives, so feel free to use this as your launching point into more profanities. Shit Happens. The literal translation is ‘assface,’ but this German swear word more so conveys the English curse ‘fuckface.’ When you really don’t want someone in your space, consider adding this to the end of. German Translation of “swear” | The official Collins English-German Dictionary online. describes someone particularly mean. Books and lessons almost always push towards the proper way of speaking. I see dpb and Kelly made the same remarks, but some of these are just not correct translations. These 50 Spanish curse words will make you want to take it up immediately. Sometimes, someone or something just rubs you the wrong way. The Ampelmännchen, 9flats Review. See more at Dirty German: Everyday Slang from “What’s Up?” to “F*% Off!” (Dirty Everyday Slang). There probably aren’t too many scenarios where this word will be the appropriate swear, but this is the second swear that pertains to pigs. I mean, they’re the only words that you really need to know apart from hello, please, goodbye, thank you and beer. Some of these translate to everyday English swears, while other German words skew for some interesting translations. Likewise, many Germans tend to use the English swearwords “fuck” and “shit” instead of their German counterparts which can often be used in similar context. Over 100,000 German translations of English words and phrases. You’re definitely right – swear words in any language completely depend on the context! These curse words work when you’re having a bad day. Not only are these direct and specific, they pack a bit more of a punch. Literally translated to ‘stupid head,’ it sounds rather childish when it comes to English insults. Indo-European cognates include Ancient Greek σχιστός (skhistos) and English shit. Adding Du (You) makes this more pointed. to lose your grip (Get a grip!) To keep it simple, no one likes being called a pig or a swine. German & English - A Bilingual Adult Coloring Book on Swear, Curse and Dirty Words (A Bilingual Swear, Curse and Dirty Words Series) (Volume 7) A. L. Wolf 4.6 out of 5 stars 5 Just in case someone else may be using it on you . Flachwichser – F*ckwit (And other terms) This one is known for being quite a German swear word. Asshole – Arschloch. Note how often Arsch and its variations will come up in German swearing. This is a tame phrase in German. As an expat, it’s easy to get tangled up when it comes to the loose use of swear word lingo Down Under. When I was stationed in Augsburg, Germany, my German gf at the time kept calling her ex an Arschlecker. Digital Content Creator & Marketer, SEO & Social Media Specialist. Some of the German insults apply to both men and women, such as Arschegeige. This one has a few connotations. Like other language lessons on this silly website (see my list of British Slang, Australian Slang, Kiwi Slang, Irish Slang, Russian, French and Spanish swear words), the Germans have come up with a great number of colourful expressions that are spoken to brighten up your day! I am a native german and it’s really funny to read this, but I have to say that very much of the words aren’t used or exist in Germany. While ‘fuckwit’ seems to be a common answer, ‘bad masturbator,’ ‘motherfucker,’ and other less than positive terms have been used as well. In German this insult is being used to describe someone who doesn’t want to concentrate on his studies and therefore will inevitably find no other occupation than doing something utterly pointless. Someone who doesn’t perform a particular task very well can be called a “butt violin,” or … As mentioned above, this doesn’t go too deep. ), to talk s%#@ about (He’s always talking s%#@ about us. Your email address will not be published. “Shit” derives from Old English (in it’s verb form, it also has connections to early Dutch and … Hi, I’m Anthony, a travel writer and blogger from Australia who loves the funny side of travel. It totally depends on the context if something is seen as funny or rude. “Die Hündin” – you get it. What's ironic is that German and English belong to the same language family, …, News collects all the stories you want to read. – Your grandma masturbates standing up!Klugscheißer – bogmouth/know-all/smart aleckIch ficke Katzen – Your mom stinks like fish. and its variations will come up in German swearing. Regardless of the exact translation, this phrase should tell someone that you don’t want them around. In fact, it’s rather common to hear children saying ‘shit’ with their friends. Sprich nicht mit mir, du verrückter Mann. Ich scheiß' d'rauf! I don't (really) give a damn/f---/sh-- (about that)! Rype App Review: I Studied German for 20 Min a Day For a Year and This is What I Learned, These 12 Podcasts Will Help You Master German in No Time, 5 Must-Know Tips For Learning German As a Beginner (Step-by-Step). Proceed with additional caution when using this German swear. Anyway, have a look below at the silly German Swear Words and other funny expressions that I trawled from around the place! However, when augmented to English, it is a pretty strong swear. How to use it: This one of the less drastic swear words to use and has been used in Russia since the 14th century.The root comes from the word ‘to drag’, so the person who is called a svolach’ is something that was dragged in with the garbage. This is a flexible German swear that carries a mild meaning for ‘dung,’ as well as ‘rubbish’ or ‘nonsense.’ However, when used in some compound words it can go from mild to a more intense phrase. Think it of it as the equivalent of ‘what the cat dragged in’, used to name a person who did something nasty or unpleasant. German speakers use it a lot as an equivalent to “Dammit!” in English when they are angry, frustrated, or surprised “Oh Scheiße !”. Downfall Film Parody Time! Instead, see it as an opportunity to further immerse yourself in becoming a native speaker. This mild German insult translates to ‘idiot,’ much like famous actor Johnny Depp’s last few acting choices. Currywurst – Berlin’s and Germany’s Favourite Sausage Food, Berlin Wall, Germany – Not Entirely Collapsed or Fallen, Funny Elevator Buttons – Clever Design for Farting Hotel Patrons, Mobile Sausage Cooker: Innovative Business in Berlin Germany. Much like Verdammt, you can use this to express your frustration with many typical situations. Another common German swear word with the same effect is. Travel During The Pandemic Stories – Why Restrictions Can Make Your Life Hell! Good luck and tread lightly with your new found German swear words! Very bad”. are particularly colorful, German swear words colors shine in its specific, intense phrasing. Because it was absolutely hilarious to read. is about bastards…and we’re not talking Jon Snow. Neglecting swear words in your learning journey stunts the complete German experience. It has some other uses as well, including ‘bastard’ and ‘motherfucker.’. Today, we’ll introduce you to some of the more common German words. As mentioned above, this doesn’t go too deep. Many speakers also add Arschloch or other similar words to heighten the swear. Ich ficke Katze lol, no that means I fuck cats. If saying ‘kiss my ass’ doesn’t do the job, give this German swear a whirl for an extra punch. You're sh---in' me!/You're a pain in the ass! Email me if you are interested in translating them into a native tongue. See how our customer Chris learned German in just 20 minutes a day. Hurensohn! , you can use this to express your frustration with many typical situations. Anyway, enjoy practicing your German Swear Words out loud! Shit. Arschloch (asshole) Fick dich (fuck you!) I’ve been to Germany before and I really loved it there. of no damned importance Das ist mir ( doch ) scheißegal! While learning new languages, such as German, it is always a good idea to cover the main four-letter word first. The same word is used for both masculine and feminine. Though the literal translation to ‘you fuck mistake’ stands out most. Miss your bus? Disclaimer: Before we continue, we’d like to advise the reader’s discretion. ), nur Scheisse über etwas/jemanden reden (Er redet nur Scheisse über uns. 50 Amazing Spanish Curse Words That Will Make You Want To Learn The Language ASAP By January Nelson Updated August 28, 2018. German words for Swear Words I was a little hesitant to write this article because some people might be offended and such. I didn’t see it in the list, maybe it is. German swear words often sound strong, harsh and work quite well when conveying one’s anger or frustration. Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany – The Beer Stein Stack Snake! Teachers will definitely cringe at the thought of their students learning Korean curse words. Notes: You can also view this list of German insults and swear words with translations from German to English. From joking around with friends or stubbing your small toe on the edge of a table, to expressing anger towards someone who has wronged you, there is a French cuss word … If removed, this phrase works well in general frustrating situations as well. German is known for being a tough (and harsh) language to speak. However, it also covers a range of other similar insults from ‘jackass’ to ‘dipshit.’. But you might learn more below! ), totally mental (That guy’s totally mental! Chleuh a term with racial connotations, derived from the name of the Chleuh, a North African ethnicity.It also denotes the absence of words beginning in Schl-in French. If you stick to the word Mist, it’s like saying “Crap!” since the German word means manure. will have you expressing your confusion or frustration for what the hell is going on. The content here is meant for individuals who are 18 and above. Use this common English word for someone who’s getting on your nerves. Slightly agitated? to lose it (I just lost it.) (bitch!) Required fields are marked *. When exclaimed alone, the closest English translation would be “Damn!” or “Damn it!” Its use is so ubiquitous, that it’s even common to hear children uttering it amongst their friends. German swear words often sound strong, harsh and work quite well when conveying one’s anger or frustration. If you want to learn a new language, one of the most fun and informative parts is learning the swear words. But the Bavarians have their own unique way of expressing frustration and insulting people. Plus there’s some cool things to see and do there like eat Currywurst, watch the portable sausage cooking man, and take a wee in goal at the funniest urinal I’ve ever seen. If telling someone to kiss your ass or go to hell doesn’t work, this is the next level. abticken (Tick nicht ab!) Here are some of German swear words: ohne Scheiß (I am not kidding you / no shit?) How To Speak German! Shopping in Jordan - Spot The Funny Products! These English swear words are used even more casually than German ones – such as in this advert by Unilever Germany, which proclaims ‘F*ck the diet’! Think of it as more playful than hurtful. The ninth word is Pissflitsche which is a funny German swear word which means a sponge used for cleaning up piss from public toilet floors. However, sometimes you need to be inventive in order to awaken students’ attention. Though, the translation is one of the more debated. but actually, it was one of the most requested things I receive in my email. Uhhm Plus how to speak New Zealand Slang! Adolf Hitlers Bunker: Is A Carpark! : MrSpace005 When needing to let someone know how you feel, or just blowing off steam from the situation, use this. This time, it’s about learning some of the funny German Swear Words, Slang, Phrases, Curses, Insults, Colloquialisms and Expletives that are out there in Deutsche linguistic land! She told me, so a bit confused, I inquired & she told me that “brown-noser” didnt translate in German logically, so they used our metaphorical image of what a brown noser does, and tweaked it to better represent the “metaphorical image” of a brown noser to that of an asslicker! For more swearing and linguistics, check out my list of Australian Slang, Russian Swear Words, Italian Swear Words and French Swear Words! Funny Traffic Signs: Pedestrian Lights in Berlin Germany. It means something akin to “blödsinniger Esel” which translates into “stupid jackass”. ), nicht aushalten (Die Beiden kann ich nicht aushalten. Save this one for someone you really have a problem with. However, you can also take it a step further by saying “So ein Misthaufen,” which translates to “What a pile of crap!” Some of these are very creative. It’s the language that the locals use, and they’ll appreciate you having a bit of fun as long as you keep it within the right context. I hope Anthony isn’t trying to set anyone up to look like an ass haha neat list, though! Or maybe wrong translation. “Ich ficke Katzen” doesnt mean “your mother stinks like fish” it means “i fuck cats”, Your email address will not be published. I dont see this on your list.

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