GBC Observer (129) Lego GBC Custom Module (46) GBC Discussion (37) Lego Convention GBC (19) Learn About GBC (10) Lego GBC Tutorial (9) GBC Layout (8) Great Ball Pit Challenge (7) GBC Instructions (4) The Boutique (3) LEGO® Technic Great Ball Contraption #5 Intricate and mesmerizing… once you start building them, it’s difficult to stop. New World Record LEGO Great Ball Contraption - GBC circuit at Skaerbaek FanWeekend 2017 - Duration: 24:27. This is a list of notable great ball contraption resources including techniques, standards, models, web sites, and videos. Great Ball Contraption modules Some modules for the Great Ball Contraption - Modules pour le Grand Bidule à Balles. Akiyuki nous indique que cette […] It took 42 minutes to move the balls from one end to the other. Cup Cool Stuff! Ball-Pump: Pumps one ball up at a time. This LEGO machine, or LEGO Great Ball Contraption, is 17 different modules of incredible. Transporting 500 mini soccer and basketballs over 101.7 feet (31 1. Zigzag stair 3. Regardez Great Ball Contraption at Japan Brickfest 2016 - pyke369 sur Dailymotion each machine is constructed to transport numerous miniature balls … After we made the Brick Loot Sports Fun Pack which included white soccer balls, many GBC displayers at Brickworld Chicago asked to try them out in their builds. LEGO® Technic Great Ball Contraption Tutorial #2 - LEGO Technic Videos - for kids - US Log in My Account Sign up LEGO® Technic Great Ball Contraption Tutorial #2 Fan creation by Maico. A Great Ball contraption is a machine which passes a ball from one place to another through a series of mechanical steps. The biggest one had 197 individual machines. It took 42 minutes to move the balls from one end to the other. AusGBC has information all about GBC and builders who build and display Lego GBCs in Australia. The engineers should receive a Nobel Prize for such an intricate great ball contraption (GBC). 10 FREE loan kits available to primary and intermediate schools from Manawatu and Rangitikei Regions, who do not have a VEX IQ robotics kit. This started as a "Ping Pong ball handoff" within our club (The Lafayette LEGO Robotics Club or LafLRC), and was combined with SMART's Crate Contraption to become The Great Ball Contraption. This is my second try. Soccer Balls for LEG O® GBC - Great Ball Contraption Balls - GBC Balls These high-quality 100% LEGO ® compatible white, red, blue, & green soccer balls are PERFECT for LEGO ® GBC builds! A place for everything LEGO Technic related My little brother built his first LEGO Great Ball Contraption, using parts of Compact Crawler Crane 42097. This is my great ball contraption, I was looking for ideas of what to make and I saw that there was tonnes of videos and websites about different great ball contraptions. If you are interested in building a LEGO Great Ball Contraption, you can download the building instructions for the GBC-8 on my website. 世界中のLEGO愛好家の中には、LEGOを使ってボールを延々と運び続ける「Great Ball Contraption」(GBC)というカラクリを作って披露している人もいる。日本人のakiyuky氏が昨年9月に公開したGBCも話題になった。YouTubeで公開さ is The Australian Lego Great Ball Contraption Database. Great Ball Contraption(GBC) 2016 akiyuky Peter {follow424656426 ? LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies. I extended the roller coaster tracks of the "Peanuts". The ball itself will pass through plenty of bridges, spinning wheels, and will even get shot up in the air, into a basketball hoop. Intricate and mesmerizing… once you start building them, it’s difficult to stop. Celle-ci est l’oeuvre d’une seule personne, Akiyuky, et on a l’impression qu’elle n’en fini jamais. Pneumatic 5. In it's simplest form a Lego GBC (Great Ball Contraption) is a Lego model (module) that moves Lego balls around. We first showed you this LEGO Great Ball Contraption about a year ago, but this video is much better quality and heck, it is still mind-blowing so it’s worth another look. Android App: Controls the LEGO GBC. Websites The web sites in this list have at least a distinct section devoted to GBCs. 9.5k members in the legotechnic community. Modules can be simple, or extremely complex. The biggest one had 197 individual machines. Here is the archive of the Lego Great Ball Contraption modules that I have built. A Lego GBC Module designed by John Brost. Zigzag lift 4. Jul 19, 2016 - My lego creations for sale on mochub : An other module of GBC using cardan lift mecanism. Great Ball Contraption I'm a huge fan of these and love all the different ways they use to move around the LEGO basketballs and footballs (soccer balls). Ball factory 2. BrickWorld Chicago 2019 GBC SAWTOOTH Lego Great Ball Contraption Module Today I present my version of SAWTOOTH. To improve the performance of our website, show the most relevant news products and targeted advertising, we collect technical impersonal information about … Schools who have their own VEX IQ robotics kits can bring their kits to build their modules and join the Great Ball Contraption. The goal is to pass LEGO soccer balls from one module to the next. So I decided to make one myself. La plupart du temps, les machines de Great Ball Contraption ( GBC) sont assemblées de plusieurs modules réalisés par plusieurs personne. Following hours of hard work from the builders, the awesome machine was tested at the BRICK event in London, UK, in front of a stunned audience. The Largest great ball contraption (GBC) has been created at LEGO® World Denmark in Copenhagen with modules including multiple bridges, rotating wheels, and a shot into a basketball hoop. Great Ball Contraption (GBC) Description Discussions 0 Comments 38 Change Notes 18 5 1 Award Favorite Favorited Unfavorite Share Add to Collection. japanese LEGO and machinery enthusiast akiyuki builds impressive great ball contraption modules out of LEGOs. Create your own Great Ball Contraption! This website is not sponsored, authorized, or endorsed by the Lego Group. Check out this video of the world record-breaking, largest LEGO Great Ball Contraption in the world. A record-breaking ball contraption made up of a staggering 259 modules is so big it takes 40 minutes for a ball to pass all the way through. Maico Arts 2,002,328 views 24:27 mini GBC Spiral Lift Module - … He just wants to share. All of these are original creations, however BB-8 Loader and Morgan's Mine use plans originally designed by Bryan Bonahoom. This video shows the extended version of the great ball contraption (GBC) module "Peanuts".

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