S30V also has a nitrogen addition [3], a point not often recognized since the nitrogen is not listed in the datasheet [4]. S45vn boasts higher corrosion resistance vs both. CPM® S45VN is a martensitic stainless steel specifically created to transcend its predecessors. Nitrogen steels have seen some interest and marketing in recent years with steels such as LC200N, BD1N, Nitro-V, and 14C28N [6]. A new ParaMilitary 2 Sprint Run from Spyderco Knives dressed in Diamond Arc textured, Forest Green G10 and outfitted with a satin finished, plain edge CPM S45VN stainless steel blade. Blade Steel: S45VN stainless Tool Steel with Black flutes running on Grade 10 stainless ball bearings. It seems to be a popular opinion among some enthusiasts that S30V and S35VN are now old hat, so perhaps this new grade will attract them again. CPM S45VN is the updated version of CPM-S35VN. Lock Type: Button Lock. Both S30V and S35VN steel are made with the same carbon and chrome content, and from various tests, both steels provide the same edge retention and corrosion … Sale Price: $209.95. (Which is still considered an excellent blade material.) May 13, … I know I should trust my own data better. S45VN is the latest evolution in this line of steels which has an increased Cr content (16%) for an improvement in corrosion resistance over S30V and S35VN. Blade thickness .156in. The previously shown retained austenite measurements showed only a small increased in RA by austenitizing at 2000°F, likely ruling out a strong effect of retained austenite. But in addition, it has better corrosion resistance as an evolution. Spyderco Sprint Run Paramilitary 2 S45VN Satin Blade Forest Green G10 This brand new Sprint Run from Spyderco is a real gem, from the Forest Green Diamond-Cut G10 scales to the S45VN blade. So was crucible out to create a new premium steel? With the similar MC content to S35VN, S45VN is expected to sharpen and polish similarly as well. By Larry Connelley When looking at quality American-made knives, you'll notice that S35VN and S30V steel are two of the more popular steels for knife blades. Edge retention is covered later in this article. Great prices on fantastic knives! 20CV/M390 would be just as bad as S30V so that would not be a favorable change from their perspective. S45vn is a tough stainless steel with a more edge retention and corrosion resistance than S35vn. Hopefully we can do more investigations on M390 toughness later. A wide variety of s450 steel plate options are available to you, such as aisi, astm, and jis. The result is that the overall carbide content is not increased much when compared with S30V, though still a bit higher than S35VN. Apart from the increase in Cr, S45VN also has a 0.15% nitrogen addition. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The above rating is an experimental result and is not the same as the “corrosion resistance rating” that I assigned to each knife steel in table form at the bottom of the corrosion article. The new S45VN steel offers corrosion resistance like never before. You can read more about cryo treatments here: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. S35vn has been being put into high end folders ($300-700) Chris Reeves, Sparta blades ect…, and I don’t understand the reasoning, Therefore the corrosion resistance of S45VN should be improved relative to the earlier S30-series steels. Along the same lines, CPM S45VN has slightly better edge retention in CATRA test results(all % numbers relative to AISI 440C steel) when compared to CPM S35VN steel, 143% vs, 140%, and slightly worse than CPM S30V steel - 145%. Cool to room temperature in between tempers. The 2000°F heat treatment microstructure appears to have smaller carbides than S30V and Elmax so we expect better toughness than those steels. So….would you pick a perfectly heat treated s45vn knife over a perfectly treated s30v or s35vn of the same knife? But if the edge should get dinged or dulled against bone, all you need to do is mail it in to Benchmade’s popular LifeSharp Service. Cowboyfromhell666. Yojimbo s30v (D) broken tip fairly smooth $70 pending funds. However, knifemakers and knife companies also wanted a more balanced stainless steel as the high wear resistance of S90V can make processing of the steel and sharpening for the end customer more difficult.

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