I gave a handful to my 3 others and they chomped it down. Take a look at our 5-star rated foods here. Is there Dyes in Orijen? I chose Orijen BECAUSE it was made in Canada and HAD to meet those standards. I have fed Origen for years last week I order the New senior and noticed it was made in USA my dog got gastric distress and wouldn’t go near it!! My Vet pushes it like crazy and as course the prescrition stuff they sell. We’ve chosen Orijen Original Dry Dog Food to be the representative product of this brand in our comprehensive review.. Orijen Dog Food Review Nutritional Content. As with anything, every dog is different so if you find your dog isn’t taking to a particular blend you may need to shop around a little until you find the perfect match. When they discontinued it, we were forced to find another product. Pork is an estimated 81 percent protein and 19 percent fat. She has been eating Orijen for about 2 weeks and loves it! The ingredients surpass those of many commercially available products. So, let us start by listing a few facts about Champion Petfoods LP, the company producing this line of food products. Is there anything not to like? I’m concerned because there is still an active Super Fund Site that is only 2 miles away in Auburn and one of the major issues is Chromium waste that even though now closed, was an active landfill from 1970’s till the 1990’s. He’s refusing to eat his Taste in The Wild Kibble. Not to mention, with less filler, their is less waste in the yard. I have her blood work done every 6 mos by a special lab in CA (which, is fantastic, Dr.. Jean Dodds) who’s trying to get Rabies vaccines challenged, since titers prove 7 yrs or life humoral immunity), Her last labs again the liver enzymes are THRU the ROOF. It’s more expensive for companies to use proteinated minerals so this is something you generally see in better dog foods. Isn’t blue buffalo manufactured by diamond? They both commented on how odd it was to see people leaving Orijen. So anywho as you can see in order to meet my responsibilities to these animals that I am responsible for their health, safety, welfare, and quality of life, I must educate myself and when needed work closely with really good vets. This review takes a closer look at Orijen dog food, highlighting some basic facts about this brand.Moreover, it offers a summary of users’ reviews, trying to help you make a decision more easily. However, when I put her on Orijen, wow! This stinks!! ORIJEN Dog Food for Puppies Give your puppy a nutrient-dense, Biologically Appropriate diet with ORIJEN Dog Food for Puppies. 2,4-D is one of the major parts of Agent Orange……both chemicals are linked to HSA in dogs. These people changed the formula without warning the customer. By Jack On the other hand, I’ve offered him victor kibbles. The fourth ingredient is beef liver. I have both my Shibas on Orijen and they love it! Before, I was buying Solid Gold puppy food (costly), but the puppy didn’t like the flavor. Please tell the truth, whole story, instead of trying to sell the food. I wrote to the company and sent photos and I filed a complaint with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency recently. So Much for the FAMILY owned and run Business ~ its GONE to $$$$$ plate collection ? The most expensive food is the one that your dog won’t eat. I have been feeding my Murphy freedom blue buffalo, he’s a bit overweight, he used to eat wilderness duck, I’d like to give him orijen, he loves it, I’d give it to him here n there, he’s a small /medium dog, I wasn’t sure which one to give him, he loves them all, I was hoping for some advice. She actually stopped eating, thank goodness Orijen because that’s all she will eat. Once (given time) they improved I switched them to Orijen senior, then around 4 months later to Orijen adult. My puppy has been eating Orijen since she waa 3 months and is now 10 months. early 2014 i did research and was appalled to read about science diet and its crap. Recently, she started having seizures (only 2 so far). She eats the Halo, but does not choose it over the Orijen. Currently, I’m looking at Natural Instincts Raw Boost or Fromm GrainFree. i found out about orijen and my dog immediately showed signs of positive behavior to eating this. Great bargain! She is extremely active, happy and healthy, but I think we will try Origen due to her poor coat/skin and the negative Royal Canin reviews. The formula changes were significant enough Champion recommends transitioning the food, but they failed to market these changes so you actually could. I am convinced that it helped me regulate her blood sugar levels and gave her a wonderful quality of life. Why would they manufacture in the USA. Since feeding Orijen, the biting and digestive issues have improved, and his rashes have disappeared. I was able to purchase it through my local hay & feed store.......until two months ago when they began having I had a salivary test done, & it came back that her allergy to Lentils was epic – surprise. All of Orijen’s products are made with natural, wholesome ingredients such as cage-free poultry, nest-laid eggs, wild-caught fish and ranch-raised meats. Oh and let’s not forget extreme high heat to remove unpleasant smells, pathogens & speed dehydration? Acana Dog Food Recall History. I switched her to Orijen Original in hopes that her seizures were food related. I ordered the adult which he has had in the past before I switched to senior he ate right away!! I can’t even keep my cats away from it! Other brands will likely have more flavors to choose from, so even though Orijen is a good quality dog food, they may not have something available for every dog.
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