HomeSnap also claims real-time MLS updates, which gives you access to new and updated listings as quickly as possible. List of Top Apps for Real Estate Investors. Every real estate app included in our list meets the following criteria: Many of today’s most popular apps started as websites, such as Zillow and , some of which may still be more operational with extra features not available through the app. Use great free real estate software or apps that we missed? While your architect may scoff at it, MagicPlan helps you create floorplans on the fly with your tablet, without resorting to wonky interfaces or steep learning curves. ‎Pass your exam with the official Dearborn Modern Real Estate app—the #1 real estate prep. Best of all, the starter app is free. Once you start using Zapier you’re going to wonder how you ever lived without it. When he’s not writing or editing, Emile enjoys collecting vintage furniture and playing his guitar. Thanks for sharing this awesome post. If you’ve never used Dotloop before, get ready to have your stack of papers and smudgy PDF’s blown into the recycling bin where they belong. When you use this Android app, you get access to the best of the best due to realtors having relationships with the Multiple Listing System or MLS. Full disclosure, we actually use Trello every day at The Close and it’s one of the apps that we simply couldn’t function without. By. If you’re a new agent, or even an experienced agent looking to free up some cash for, If you have listings on Zillow or ever want listings on Zillow, the. Real estate agents listing. The app is a gateway into the BiggerPockets world, which is also available through the website. I believe transaction costs associate with real estate transactions is far too high. This app is developed by "LIFULL HOME'S" which is one of the biggest real estate portal sites in Japan. Real estate apps combine real estate knowledge and technology in a convenient format that is easy to use. 0. BrokerAssist is a great way to hire or get hired for real estate gig within your brokerage or other brokerages in your association. Hubstaff is a time tracking tool with a whole host of features that make it incredibly powerful for real estate agents. Great apps for real estate agents. CINC monitors your incoming leads and acts as your own personal concierge, getting them on the phone, qualifying them, and then connecting them straight to your phone without all the email or text messaging back and forth, saving you a ton of time and upping your conversion rate. Let’s face it, in order to get ahead in real estate in 2020, drip campaigns, text messaging, a mobile... 2. We publish unbiased reviews; our opinions are our own and are not influenced by payments from advertisers. Real estate apps are mobile applications aimed at making the process of property transactions easy. Spotio is available on Android as well as iPhone. I am excited about trying out a few of these apps. The lower price paid means higher profit when you sell. This app is designed to help users access the Commissions Inc agent account. A picture is worth a thousand words and real estate communicates to potential clients best with gorgeous photos. Best Real Estate Apps for Android. It also sends auto follow up emails without a CRM, new visitor notification, social profiling, contact verification, and more. Facebook. If you want a multi-unit or commercial property, you won’t find many details on the other sites on this list. Some great features include abilities to filter your search by specific home features, such as hardwood floors, so you know you will only see and review homes that could meet your needs. Even seasoned agents get a flash of excitement when they hear a new buyer is coming through. We needed them, but that didn’t make the cost any less easy to swallow. Build a real estate app or realtor app in minutes! After establishing itself as Australia’s most popular real estate website, launched its app in December … Your CRM is the big one, and luckily you can get most apps to get leads into most CRMs. Unfortunately I have to plead total ignorance about the Italian real estate market. HubSpot is a CRM that also offers marketing and sales tools. Most real estate agencies have apps or websites with the most recent and actually open listings. Your email address will not be published. The real estate industry already invests heavily in apps … Buffer (Social media management platform). It’s also dead easy to use. See full list here. Scroll depth is a measurement of how far your leads are scrolling down your pages. After establishing itself as Australia’s most popular real estate website, launched its app in December 2010, attracting one … Thanks Emile, With so many app’s out there, it is great to see them all in one helpful spot. Take the investment and user base for your average real estate software, and triple it. Getting estimates for construction projects and helping buyers get professional estimates and hire contractors. Browse homes you’ll love Stay current with notifications about the latest listings — and homes you won’t find anywhere else. Some typical features you could expect to find on most real estate apps include active listings that are currently on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), agent and lender referrals, and blogs about the latest real estate news. So whether you're on an active house hunt, looking for an investment property or want to put your abode on the market, take a look below to learn more about (and download) the best real estate apps available today. Real Estate by Trulia. The app is excellent, offering estimated home values that are sometimes more accurate than Zillow’s algorithm. There are tools that will be useful for anyone involved in real estate, so check our list. Realvolve offers all the automation and workflow features you’d expect from a top shelf real estate CRM, but it offers something else other CRMs don’t. Of course none of us live in a perfect world so we all have to make do when buyers ask about simple things like floorplans or wonder how much a new floor might cost. You should shop around for both agents and homes before buying. It was founded in 1995 and has headquartered in Washington D.C. In a nutshell, Spacio lets agents abandon the messy open house sign in sheet and collect contact information in an app. With over 30,000 customers in 91 countries HubSpot is one of the most widely used free CRMs and sales tools on the planet. Zillow Premier Agent offers a surprisingly robust free CRM that lets you import leads from Boomtown! Trulia started as an independent company​ but is now owned by Zillow. Related: 6 Must-Have Real Estate Investment Tools. Pass your licensing exam with the #1 real estate app. It is one of the most comprehensive real estate apps with the ability to notify users about foreclosures, short sales, and updates of real estate listings. Finding a home to rent or own is among the most exciting, yet stressful situations you can experience in life. I took notes. Each real estate app has different features and tools that cater to specializations. Just write down all the questions you have and set aside 20 minutes or so for a walkthrough. Zapier, Slack, Docusign, HubSpot, HelloSign, Hootsuite, Insightly + more. A solid CRM is a great tool for that. Come to think of it, maybe is a communication platform with CRM capabilities? Even better, it prompts you to keep in touch with your contacts at the right time. If you’re on Android, the Bubble Level App works well. With a new and intuitive dashboard, finding a perfect home has never been simpler. No matter how you look at it, if you are a Realtor who does a lot of calling and texting in addition to email, this is something you should check out. Is that door frame level or is it the floor that’s wonky? Shooting and editing video with their phones and then sending it on to social media or their website. We made them all with Canva. Take this task off your plate and automate those requests with Feedback Pro. Without further ado, here is our list of the best free and affordable real estate apps and software of 2020: Let’s face it, in order to get ahead in real estate in 2020,  drip campaigns, text messaging, a mobile app, call logging, pipelines, a dialer, etc., are no longer optional in a CRM. Using heatmaps you can dial in calls to action, navigation, and more to make sure people are clicking where you want them to click. You can set up tasks, reminders, texts, and emails like any good CRM, but it also gives you a granular look at what your leads are searching for on Zillow in detail if you sign up for their My Agent program that makes you the only buyer’s agent your leads see on Zillow. RedFin: Best For Discounted Home Buying Fees. They’re running from office trainings to client meetings to listing presentations to open houses—fielding calls, texts and emails on their smartphone along the way. provides comprehensive school and neighborhood information on homes for sale in your market. LoopNet is designed especially for real estate investors. If you’re on iOS, you actually have a bubble level built in. It’s so common among agents these days that most have it on their phones. Good Blog.. Great job.. thanks for the information. Property Fixer The dashboard of this CRM has built in buttons for email and Texting (done right in the window), and a calling button to dial out to your phone and connect you with your contact. Especially if you have lots of communication tasks during the day, can be an incredible timesaver. We put together this list of the best free and affordable real estate software and apps available for Realtors in 2020. Realvolve has studied the most successful real estate agents and brokers in the country to create repeatable workflows to help you manage new contacts, text and email communication, calendars and events, files and documents, and more. Here’s one for agents who can’t help but show prewar listings that always need a little TLC. Dotloop offers form creation, E-sign, and transaction management in one seamless platform. Get a or list a referral? It’s actually easy to use, affordable, and easy to scale. It’s also great for Realtors. Hope this helps you keep up to date! It makes lead and pipeline management easy with a customizable lead scoring platform. RPR Mobile remains one of the best ways to keep your clients informed on the go. If the idea of real estate investing sounds intimidating to you, there’s an app for that. Rentometer is the ultimate tool for single-family home real estate investors. Pinterest. Real estate crowdfunding is a relatively new way to invest in commercial real estate. provides comprehensive school and neighborhood information on homes for sale in your market. LoopNet was made specifically with commercial real estate investors in mind. But some are direct competitors, like Follow Up Boss, Wise Agent, and LionDesk (all real estate CRM tools). Emile also regularly provides market insights and commentary for publications like The New York Times,, Apartment Therapy, Fox News, Yahoo, and US News & World Report. You have to be up on the latest tech when Selling homes in a tech savvy area like Austin, TX. CINC has a visually appealing app where you can quickly view, prioritize, and manage your pipeline helping you focus your efforts on the hottest leads. You can then save this automation, called a Zap, to use later. Learn about how these thirteen real estate apps can help change your lifestyle, your position, and your perspective on real estate. In the days of the pandemic, it was the internet and digital apps that kept the wheel moving and made it possible for people to inspect the property and negotiate the deal. Google Drive Zillow: Best Overall. I have a few of these already and am getting more because of this article. The official Dearborn Real Estate Exam Prep will help you pass — guaranteed or get 200% of your money back. Feedback Pro works with you to help automatically reach out to realtors who have shown your listings and get relevant timely feedback from them that you can read and pass on to your clients, or have Feedback Pro send it along for you. Many real estate agents love using this app for presentations. Thank you so much for this… All of these kinda make my head spin! It helps build real estate apps and websites by using listing and market data from an MLS. The Real Estate app delivers up-to-date home listings for sale and rent in Central New York, combined with the most powerful search tools. Though be sure to thoroughly vet any new agent before hiring them or signing an exclusive agreement. There may be listing fees between 1% and 3% of the home’s selling price. ‎Pass your real estate exam the FIRST time with 550+ exam-like questions & explanations! Heatmaps are visual representations of not only where your leads are clicking on your website, but where they rest their mouse/finger as well. A wholly owned subsidiary of the National Association of Realtors, RPR mobile, or Real Property Resource Mobile, has helped Realtors parse and access property data for showings, CMAs, research, and more. You never know! “You want me to pay how much for real estate apps?!!”. Features 1100+ exam-like questions and terminology, PLUS audio & video. Once things start to get hectic, you’ll start to miss leads, drop the ball with follow-ups, and cause delays in the closing process. Create Your Own Real Estate Agent App Set yourself apart from the crowd with real estate apps for iOS and Android. The Bigger Pockets real estate app features a wide range of resources for real estate education... LoopNet. The top real estate investing apps in one centralized location. Propertybase. If you plan to spend six figures or more on a single transaction, it is best to go into it with the best knowledge and information to get the best deal possible. Connected investors' apps make it easy for real estate investors to accomplish more in less time, while on the go. Canva is an intuitive, easy to use graphic design tool that lets you create great looking flyers, social media graphics, blog images, banner ads, and more. RedFin is both an app and a brokerage firm. Create Your Own Real Estate Agent App Set yourself apart from the crowd with real estate apps for iOS and Android. If you don’t yet have a real estate agent, makes it easy to connect with a local agent as well. Hotjar shows you how many of your leads are reading your entire article with a percentage. Realtors use to centralize and speed up their client communication. Essential reading for new and experienced Realtors, this list comes from coaches like Tom Ferry, Kevin Ward, and top producing agents from around the country. MagicPlan lets you give your buyers quick answers that will likely sate their curiosity until a pro can be brought in. Add to Wishlist. Even though the competition in the real estate software industry is fierce, it’s nothing compared to the competition in social media management platforms. Bold Leads, BombBomb, Facebook, Dotloop, Mailchimp, StreetText, Zillow, + lots more with Zapier. Features that one can expect while using it are: Features. Zillow App Don’t miss out on the right home for you — browse up-to-date listings, refine your search and more. You don’t need to be wealthy or have insider knowledge to get started using real estate investing apps, so it’s a great way to get your feet wet. Luckily, we have you covered. In order to track projects, Trello lets you create “cards” that you can share with your partners or team and edit, move, and update them as you hit your goals. In it, I share tips on how you can improve your real estate business using the power of technology. Shares are doing well, and Trulia also has a handful of apps available in the Apple app store. Hi ! Zapier, Zendesk, Hotjar, Unbounce, Uberconference, HelloSign, WordPress, LiveChat, and more. The real estate apps listed here are primarily companion tools, meaning they can be used together for ultimate efficiency. Zapier acts like glue between two different apps or software platforms. Podio is another great task management platform like Trello that lets up to five agents or team members collaborate for free. To start, identify the processes that slow your agents down and then search for the app or software that address their needs. But before you go download any old real estate app, it's good to know that there are a few different types to consider: Some have a larger volume of house listings, while others are more geared toward commercial real estate and even auction properties. One of the fastest growing segments of the software industry is analytics. New to restarting real estate since 2008. Multi-unit residential and... Xome. Figuring out if window frames, walls, or floors are actually level can give you a good idea of how much work a listing might need, or just to satisfy your curiosity. The Zillow app lets you view home prices by location on the go and offers filters and search options to zero in on your next home. Check out our Contactually review page for an in-depth look. Thank you for all this great information. Either way, it’s a good tool to have on your phone. The real estate industry is full of jargon that you may not understand if you’re not an insider. I have some of these apps already, but was able to add a few more that would be useful! Thanks!! LoopNet is exclusively for commercial property investors. Hmmm, looks like Smith might have gone out of business. You can get quick floorplans by scanning a room in a minute, and the upload that floorplan to get cost estimates, 3D tours, and more. It can be used both on mobile phones and tablets running either iOS or Android …as well as on the web. Hey Rebel, good luck and let us know how you do with any of these apps! Thanks for the article! At the end of the day, it really comes down to kicking the tires with a sales rep from each company though. A real estate app is a tool you can have on your phone, tablet, or computer to help you buy or sell a home. Although Homesnap is a relatively newer app as compared to many others, the advanced features that are included and the up-to-date real estate listings make it one of the best real estate apps. I really appreciate this post. Observe pictures, maps up and down, and learn in more detail about the listed real estate. Fundrise is an obvious choice. Allow clients to find properties closest to them Receive and make bookings with ease Direct users to your properties with GPS. WhatsApp. In 2020 your leads are a little spoiled. The Close has included this CRM in our best real estate apps because the automation in this CRM is top notch, and email templates included are very helpful. If you have listings on Zillow or ever want listings on Zillow, the free Zillow Premier Agent app is a must have. Contactually’s base level plan starts at $59 per month, but it has a 14 day free trial to try out all the features and see if it is right for you. If you are looking to buy a home, you should definitely bookmark the Zillow website and download the app to your smartphone. This brought some of the behind the scenes data from Trulia to Zillow and vice versa. Dropbox is a super simple app that lets you store files on the go. Throw in an available transaction management platform and you may not need to buy any more software ever. Camscanner lets you take all that annoying paperwork that some brokerages still insist on and make clean looking scans even while you’re away from the office. Get FREE Actionable Real Estate Strategy Sent Straight To Your Inbox. Today thanks to different apps buying, selling, renting, making payments for property or even designing a house has become a simpler process. This is a lot of good info. Oh yeah, we’re also going to continually update this list as new apps get released, or formerly paid platforms offer a free version to stay competitive. If you love the action of an auction, you’ll love Xome. One of the best features of the mobile app for anyone in an active home search is the ability to filter on upcoming open houses. Founded in the year 1997, serves India’s largest database of real estate properties with which one can buy, sell, and rent properties with ease and speed. Open up a listing for a contractor? To make it worthwhile, your brokerage should leverage technology to its fullest potential. You can gain leverage in the real estate business if you know which real estate investing apps to use. With Spotio, you can access prospector addresses and contacts with the touch of a button. Today sites like Canva offer basic photoshop-like functionality for free. If very few people are reading your articles all the way to the end, chances are they need work. There are a plethora of real estate apps out there. One benefit of using its site is the close relationship realtors have with the Multiple Listing System (MLS) that provides data feeds used by most sites on this list. One thing that all dedicated real estate agents have in common is that they’re always on the move. Xome is one of the most highly integrated real estate apps available. Other apps focus on auctions, so you can expect to find live auctions with bank-owned homes and foreclosures on an app like that. Some auctions come through the MLS while others are exclusive to the Xome platform. Contactually takes the philosophy of Relationship Marketing and turns it into a platform for squeezing some extra ROI out your sphere. The possibilities are endless, but one application is to use it for a comparative marketing analysis. Apps for real estate agents and buyers should have not only property listings, but also agents listings. Property and real estate search made simple – buy, sell, rent, share. Real estate apps get millions of monthly visits thanks to the convenience they create with an on-the-go search. See full list here. Get 61 Proven real estate lead generation ideas for this year. Need to run keys to a listing? There's even one that can score you some discounted home-buying fees. Real Estate, Houses for Sale, Rentals, Commercial and Businesses for sale at Everything you need to ace the real estate licensing exam, right at your fingertips! Hey Chantal, no worries that’s what we’re here for! Zapier is one of those software platforms that seems like magic. Freshchat. Ability to see any property listed as soon as it hits the market; Use the “current location” feature to see listings in the area From the makers of Lightroom, Photoshop and Premiere, Adobe Premiere Clip is a game changer for mobile video. There is a good reason for this as well as it allows you to search the official portal for the National Association of Realtors. If you’re a broker who wants to put a commercial listing in the app’s database, that will cost you, too. You can even send payments for hours worked, taking one more task off of your plate. Out to lunch with a buyer and want to pull up a list of three bedrooms in new ZIP code? See full list here. You can also sync calendars, set reminders, and even loop in service providers to make sure everyone is on the same page. List of Top Apps for Real Estate Investors 1. Propertybase is up to the challenge, ticking pretty much every box that today’s Realtors, teams, and brokerages need it to. is a CRM that has some of the best communication capabilities we’ve seen. The website and app is a product of international real estate advertising company REA Group, which is majority-owned by News Corp Australia. Schneider Electric EcoStruxure™ for Real Estate is a smart building solution that enables building managers to remotely manage and adjust sensor data ranging from temperature, humidity, and noise levels to energy use, equipment performance, and space usage in real time. You can search for homes, look for a commercial property to house your business, find a realtor, or look up your current home’s value. Spacio bills itself as an “open house lead generation app” and we don’t disagree. The standard real estate fees for RedFin are lower than traditional agents. We chose these top 8 real estate apps by weighing major factors including unique features, the type of real estate they’re best suited for, tools and perks they offer, and their search functions. However, if you want to list your house for sale on the app, then there may be fees. Start Building Build it for me. It’s official--the real estate industry has been disrupted by the development of mobile apps. I hold a principal agency license.
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