Skein Lane recommends keeping your yarn labels in a journal with a sample of the yarn. The number of plies does not correspond to the crochet gauge or the yarn weight. If you’ve been crocheting for any amount of time, I’ll bet that you’ve purchased yarn without even looking at the label. The number and the category name below the symbol tell us what weight the yarn is. The more dots the hotter you can have the heat. The big red heart on the skein band tells you this is Red Heart Yarn! Yarn Manufacturer Contact Information – The address of the yarn manufacturer will be listed on the yarn, along with any contact information for where you may contact them if you need to. Dye lot number and/or color number: What batch of dye this yarn came from. Find out how to properly care for your crochet & knitting projects! These symbols indicate how best to care for an item that will be made from the yarn. Meaning of skein. A skein is essentially a twisted hank. Yarn Manufacturer – Often one of the most prevalent pieces of the yarn label will be the name of the Yarn Manufacturer, or Brand, featured in the center with their logo. Product Color ID – Alongside the color, you’ll often find an ID number that can be referenced also if you need to search for additional yarn. In our example above, the ‘4’ would indicate that the yarn is a medium weight yarn. If you come across a different symbol, check out the ISO or ASTM websites. These free patterns are often free crochet or free knit patterns that are on the backside of the yarn label, meaning you won’t be able to view them unless you remove the label from the yarn. Care Instructions – When it comes time to launder your yarn, you definitely need to ensure to practice caution when washing certain types of fiber. It is often how you'll find beautifully handmade, or hand-dyed yarn for sale at craft markets and yarn shops. Be aware that the yarn symbols used on the labels are not completely standardized among manufacturers, so the symbol may vary a bit from label to label. Some yarn contains a message that reads, “no dye lot.” What this means is that the yarn is dyed pre-spinning into the skeins, thus not having significant color variations. Yarn Weight Category – This will come with a number from 0-6 to indicate how thick your yarn strands are. You aren't alone! Symbol d) means do not iron. 0 is a fingering weight yarn, 4 is medium, or worsted weight, and 6 is bulky. This can be in yds (yards), m (meters), or both. Product Names are created to create uniformity. Skeins are easy to knit from initially, the ability to pull from the skein without tangling the yarn becomes more difficult as the skein of yarn is depleted and it begins to lose its shape. Many times these patterns will include how much yarn you need to complete the free pattern project included on the outside of the label. For instance, inside the washing symbol there might be a suggested water temperature or a hand dipping in the tub to indicate hand washing. This is important information should you need to search for another similar skein of yarn. However, some manufacturers only give the name of the yarn weight without the category number. A ball gets its name from the circular ball-like shape of the yarn. Thankfully, the Craft Yarn Council, a governing body overseeing the standardization of the industry, has developed general guidelines for yarn manufacturers to follow while labeling their yarn for retail sale. a long loop of yarn that you’ll usually spot twisted into a cute bundle This section tells you how much yarn each skein has. This is incredibly helpful for makers who also create their own patterns, and can also tell you how much yarn you’ll need for your project. Basic Symbols : Definition : Tub-Washing instructions. A yarn cake as a great and wonderful thing and nearly every yarn shop in the world will wind up your yarn … Honestly I have some of those single skeins of yarn in my yarn stash. This is the Shibui yarn company’s Pebble yarn.
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