The lure comes in a wide range of colors, including glass ghost, rainbow trout and olive green. I have seen real frogs jump into the water and get eaten almost immediately be bass. Any bass lure works better with a scent but this is especially true for crayfish jigs and tube jigs. Dr.Adnan - May 14, 2020. In the picture above, Ryan and I are holding bass we caught during a spring bass tournament in New Jersey. The blade itself is painted aluminum. It is a suspending jerkbait, using neutral buoyancy to hang in the water column at mid-depth. The video below lists ten tricks for bass fishing. Good color options for this crankbait are sexy shad, chrome sexy shad, natural beam, firetiger, and gizzard shad. If you are a fan of the basic jitterbug give the jointed jitterbug a try. With so many options to choose from, choosing the right bass lures can be overwhelming for most anglers. A perch color like firetiger or natural beam are my favorite colors to use in lakes with a lot of perch. Most of the states lake record bass have come off of worms, and the senko specifically is the most sold lure in bass fishing. Reviewers report a notable increase in catch rates when using these lures versus other soft plastic stick baits in the same conditions. If not the jig is pulled 1 to 4 feet of the bottom two or three times before it is retrieved and pitched again. The fluorocarbon makes the fishing line less visible to the fish. To fish walk the dog you are twitching the front of the lure back and forth. Fish are on the edges, especially during warm days in the springtime. Color options include clown, glass ghost, gold, hot pink, perch, silver, and rainbow trout. It is against the rules in most bass tournaments to use live bait. Considered by many to be the best bass lure of all, soft plastic stick baits are an essential addition to every angler’s tackle box. However, I see people overusing buzz baits. Best Bass Fishing Colors for Clear Water. These guys are a staple for trailing your jig and chatters, and Yamamoto is a brand we all trust. Frogs are topwater baits that work best at dusk but defiantly catch bass during the day as well. Cody I am very impressed about your knowledge regarding bass fishing and the different lures… I actually learned a lot even though I have not been fishing for many a year. For some reason, though it triggers bass to bite.  It is not one of my favorite baits mostly because it makes to loud of a splash. A bait that provides scent, vibrations and can be fish slow is ideal. Home » Best Freshwater Fishing Lures » 27 Best Bass Fishing Lures. The favorite food for smallmouth bass is definitely crayfish.Â. Best Bass Fishing Lure - We have compiled the best 5 bass lures that tackle almost all bass fishing scenarios you may come across. The video below shows more ways than I knew there were to rig a Senko. The second advantage is that baitcasting combos are better set up for jigging. The Rapala Rattlin is a sinking bait that has loud bb’s within the lure to create a rattle as the bait wobbles back and forth. Jigs rank number one because of their versatility. The bait features the Vibra-Flx wireframe and Silo-Tek skirt. Crankbaits are a top producer during the fall and winter months. One of the most popular ways to rig a Senko bait is wacky style. See if this helps you with some general ideas of when to throw what baits. Jigging around shoals also works well. A single metal bead rattle is built-in near the back of this bait. Buy from Amazon. The curved bill shape also ensures that the lure tracks well when in contact with the bottom. Blade baits are awesome because they flutter on the way up and on the way down. In this article we will take a look at the best rapala lure for bass. This lure is very similar to the classic Rat-L Trap. Swimbaits are usually made either really well or really badly and are... 2. When bass are feeding on shad this bait is a great option. Rose Kuli Hard Bass Lure - Best Hard Bodied Lure The Rose Kuli Bass lure is one of the most realistic and effective lures on the market today. These work during the day or night but are best at dusk. The Senko is a very versatile soft plastic that has helped countless anglers win bass tournaments The bait is thicker than most reel worms and does not really look like any baits in nature. Watermelon red works best on bright days and in clear water. You can control the precise depth by raising or lowering the tip of your rod as you jerk it. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. It boasts a premium 2/0 Mustad hook, durable components and a 60-strand ultra-fine silicone skirt. Junebug red works best in stained muddy water in rivers. Once a fish bites, two exceptionally sharp Gamakatsu treble hooks ensure that it has little chance of shaking itself loose. When it is sunny bass to not travel as far to strike baits so make sure you drop the bait near every small hole that looks good. Â, Sight attracts bass the most. The lure is fitted with two VMC black nickel treble hooks, weighs 7/16 ounces and measures 3-1/8 inches in length. Size 3/0 offset hooks work great with baby brush hogs. Recommended Finesse Texas Rig Setup: Strike King Rage Tail Bug Lure and ½ tungsten bullet weight. Make sure to approach the fishing spots very quietly. These include the weightless Senko, wacky rig Senko and mojo rig Senko. If you have never fished with Mr. Lucky, I would highly recommend giving this lure a try. The 8 Best Bass Lures. When fishing tournaments it is good to have two poles with fluorocarbon leaders and offset hooks tied and ready to fish the Baby Brush Hogs. You can burn a swim jig when bass are active or slow them down when they’re not. This results in a violent side-to-side action that sends out vibrations to attract bass through their lateral line. The Gamakatsu black nickel heavy wire hook is strong and good for pulling hard on big bass. Black emerald is the best color for low-light and night fishing. These worms have been around forever and they’re one of the most reliable lures on the market, year after year. Bass attack these baits and it is not uncommon to catch more that one fish at a time. Plusinno Fishing Lure Tackle Set 102 Pieces. We have been using these spinners since we had the Zebco push-button reels as young kids. These chatterbaits start vibrating quickly and swim with a side-to-side motion that creates vibrations that the bass can feel with their lateral line. Willow blades are typically retrieved faster than colorado blades. Bass do have a strong sense of smell using their nostrils which helps them find food and their home stream during spawning season. This is a small spinnerbait but it is the one that I use most often for bass. An iridescent finish reflects the light in much the same way as the scales of most baitfish do. This particular design works best reeling fast overtop of vegetation. It has a large scoop on the front that makes a deep poping should in the water. Andy Crawford. If you’re unsure about what to use you’ll want to try a Yamamoto Senko. Best Bass Lures 1. The boat is typically drifting sideways.  The lure sinks to the bottom and the bass might bite while it is sinking. State fishing laws also need to be checked before using 5 hooks on one fishing rig.  If 5 hooks are not allowed teaser baits without hooks can be used from some of the shad. A bullet weight could be added on the line. Since the water is shallow they do spook easily. Mepps spinners are great bass fishing lures for people with low patience. Captain Cody has worked on charter fishing boats in the Florida Keys, Virgin Islands, and Alaska. If you let out about 100 feet of line and troll this lure will dive much deeper than that, probably around 20 feet. This large amount of scent that can be added to tube jigs differentiates it from other crayfish style swim jigs. They also work great on bass and walleye in shallow water. If there are toothy fish in the lake such as pickerel, pike, and musky using this lure can be a problem because these fish love to bite spinners as well.
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