And, goodness knows, I have had tremendous difficulty with boundaries in my life. } i = parseInt(parts[0]); function mce_preload_check(){ success: mce_success_cb if (i.toString() == parts[0]){ Although I do try not to manipulate anymore, it’s not a quality I want to have (it can be handy, of course, and very tempting …), and I try to be honest with people, but if I meet too much opposition, I’ll shrug my shoulders and say fine. I do believe most of our illnesses have a psychosomatic component to it or just in general our body aches. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for sharing! When I was young I thought of myself as a coward, but now I see that I’m quite brave. People with a water Mars may experience trouble standing up for themselves and are not the type to come across as intimidating. I started doing the research to find out what and who my invisible opponent was. This practice helps me stay strong and realize that I am good, I am helpful, I do matter. As for boundaries, there was this post on Skywriter last week, that explained boundaries perfectly. I have to admit, I’d love to have Mars in a fire sign, to be able to strike right at the moment, to have a natural authority. It is a tough one. Thanks Katley. But letting go is a good strategy in this case. On one hand, their emotional side can provide them with a lot of insight and wisdom into the human … Did you read it? That is, it can be dampened (water sign) and redirected by your feelings and caring side (Cancer's water) Mars In Leo. setTimeout('mce_preload_check();', 250); function mce_success_cb(resp){ The guest blogger – I forgot her name – said that you needed an open heart, but it needed not to be open 24/7. Required fields are marked *, You may use these HTML tags and attributes:

, “When should I get an astrology reading?”, When you need help navigating your life’s confusing and bumpy moments. } Any activity combining their artistic talent with a humanitarian cause where they express their concerns in a free and imaginative manner will do wonders for their inspiration. Provocative activities, like lap dancing, tantra retreats, kundalini yoga, and breath work should get them creatively stimulated. Thanks Fabienne!” Beth B., Author and Book Consultant, “Fabienne coach approach to astrology leaves me with useful direction and positive ways to behave, which have served me well. if (parts[1]==undefined){ This article is Copyright © AstroReveal Ltd 2012-2020. Venus in the Water Signs. style.appendChild(document.createTextNode('.mce_inline_error {' + err_style + '}')); } } else { }); Almost all water on Mars today exists as ice, though it also exists in small quantities as vapor in the atmosphere. Share ... Mars-Pluto Synastry South Node Gemini – North Node Sagittarius Venus-Pluto Synastry Moon in the 3rd House Sun … Mars (to assert) in Leo (Impressive and Creative) You have an impressive appearance and might sometimes appear aggressive (Mars). style.type= 'text/css'; Awesome post on Mars in the Water Signs…..!!! What was thought to be low-volume liquid brines in shallow Martian soil, also called recurrent slope lineae, may be grains of flowing sand and dust slipping downhill to make dark streaks. The Quality of Water: Asserting through Emotions. What are Mars Signs? Thank you, that’s so very insightful. input_id = '#mce-'+fnames[index]; Her down-to-earth communication style and her deep understanding of both astrology and life changes served to give me a sense of safety and confidence. } Then you make your plan. $('#mce-'+resp.result+'-response').show(); It just does not operate according to standard procedures. } Water signs have intense emotions that can overcome them like a tidal wave. 4. $('#mce-error-response').hide(); Many thanks for your knowledge and for taking the time to explain. Keep reading to learn more about zodiac sign compatibility for couples with matching Mars and Venus signs. It’s been truly a life long project for me but along the way I learned not to take myself so seriously, I learned to look at the other person’s position and my affect on them, and when all else failed I learned to say to myself “take in, let go.” And that simple phrase has done more for me than every other avenue of work I have done.

. var fields = new Array(); I find being with “frustrated artists” very liberating, for me, anyway, because there are so many of us. Mars in Pisces has an enormous capacity for art, music, love and compassion, but a very fluctuating energy level that doesn’t always permit long-term focus.

}); Instead of letting go, I have been practicing not getting attached to the end result. What a relief to deal with letting go!! It is indeed difficult to this type of Mars to initiate action. var script = document.createElement('script'); function(){ } if (f){ This is the last post in our series on Mars in the Elements; let’s take a look at Mars in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. It was the first body of liquid water ever found on Mars. Mars in Cancer is a tough position for me. REMINDER ! input_id = '#mce-'+fnames[index]+'-month'; $('#mce-'+resp.result+'-response').show(); They are unlikely to be directly aggressive about getting what they want in life. Hope this helps. You are forever waiting for the wave but when its comes you are ready. Either your opponent will laugh with you or walk away angry, yet perplexed….he /she expects you to get mad right back, and this is an unexpected response. I’m very good at reading people’s feelings. err_style = 'margin: 1em 0 0 0; padding: 1em 0.5em 0.5em 0.5em; background: FFEEEE none repeat scroll 0% 0%; font-weight: bold; float: left; z-index: 1; width: 80%; -moz-background-clip: -moz-initial; -moz-background-origin: -moz-initial; -moz-background-inline-policy: -moz-initial; color: FF0000;'; If you don't know your Mars sign, you can find it here! Now, I work very hard on not taking things so personal. setTimeout('mce_preload_check();', 250); At the same time, they have difficulties asserting their authority when dominated by other people’s feelings and security needs. Pisces. } else { 3. What I have earn throughout the years is that Mars in Cancer is an excellent defense strategist. Mars in Aries + Venus in Aries.

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